Award Oct 3, 2022

Dr. Hassan Imam, co-researcher with Prof. Tomoki Sekiguchi, received the Emerald Literati Outstanding Reviewer Award

Dr. Hassan Imam received the Emerald Literati Outstanding Reviewer Award on the recommendation of the Editorial team of the Leadership & Organization Development Journal for his incessant support. This award is one of the largest and most independent awards led by Emerald for the outstanding contributions of winners to the scholarly community. Dr. Imam was outstanding in all three tiers of winning criteria set by Emerald i.e. timeliness of the reviews, quality of the reviews, depth of reviews, and the amount of detail. Dr. Imam is a member of Professor Tomoki Sekiguchi lab, striving to improve Japanese organizations’ efficiency through research in human resource management and organizational behavior.

Dr. Hassan Imam(right)
Professor Tomoki Sekiguchi(left)

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