Admission May 18, 2023

Suspension of applications for certain courses and programs in the admissions to be held in AY2024 and onwards.

The Graduate School of Management plans to apply a new program which is a development and restructuring of the current program from the AY2025 intake.
The same courses and programs as the previous year will be applied for the admissions to be held in AY2023 which admission guidelines will be released shortly.
However, in the admissions to be held in AY2024 for students who will enroll from the AY2025, please note that no applications will be accepted for International Project Management Program (i-PM) of International MBA Programs and Tourism and Hospitality Management Course of Japanese Program.

  • Outline of the new program
  • Details of the admissions for students entering in AY2025 onwards

will be posted on this website as soon as they are finalized.