Thanapong Kongsenさん

京都大学-コーネル大学国際連携コース 2回生(2021-)


Thanapong Kongsenさん

GSM has always been my first choice of all the business schools as I have a keen interest in developing a Japanese ryokan and onsen business in Thailand. GSM has a variety of courses that offer for MBA students regarding hospitality and tourism industry. Moreover, international students at GSM will have an opportunity to choose elective classes that will be joint by Japanese students. We can expand our network not just among international students but also the local one. Through that experience, I have gained so many insights for my future business projects by exchanging ideas with people from different backgrounds both in classroom and outside of classroom setting.
GSM and Kyoto University also has a huge alumni network not only in Japan but also in my country ‘Thailand’. This community will be such a great asset to my future career or business project as most of alumni are current top leaders in their own field as a result of diversity in academic reputation of Kyoto University. Whenever I need to reach out to an expert in any fields, this community will be such a great network that could help me reach the goal as an entrepreneur.


GSM offers various programs in English from International Business Administration Program(i-BA), International Project Management Program(i-PM), and Kyoto-Cornell International Collaborative Degree Opportunity which is focusing on creating leaders in hospitality industry. Students can also choose to take some classes in Japanese if they are at some certain levels of fluency in Japanese language.
Moreover, the location of GSM is centrally located in such a magical city like Kyoto. For someone who plan to develop a Ryokan hotel and Hot Spring business, Kyoto offers me a great opportunity to do various site visits, get an inspiration from the best properties in the world, and exchange ideas with local entrepreneurs in hospitality industry.
Kyoto is also only three hours traveling by train to the capital city of Japan ‘Tokyo’. It helps me to easily network with top industry leaders who may reside in the capital city over the weekend, attend more interesting business seminars, and also increase the potential possibilities for summer internship and job opportunities.


My ultimate future goal is to go back to my home country ‘Thailand’ after graduation and create a hospitality group that will manage various hotel brands, restaurants, and service products within the scope of hospitality industry.
The short-term goal is to effectively manage my family business hotels in Thailand and create a sustainable impact for the community in the surrounding area. Travelers mainly travel to Thailand only to visit big cities like Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiangmai. However, I believe that Thailand has so much more potential in tourism more than just those three provinces but there is a real necessity to wisely manage regional tourism and create an attraction by using local intellect, ingredient, and knowledge to create a unique identity to promote local tourism.
A success story of Japan tourism to promote its local identities in different regions and attract millions of travelers to visit the country has become such a great inspiration for me as an entrepreneur and I would want to make this success story happens in my home country in the near future.


Strategic management class by professor Asli Colpan has helped me tremendously to understand a bigger scale of business in a global perspective. All the case studies that were used in class are from a wide range of industries and also from different parts of the world. Doing case discussion and group project with classmates who came from various backgrounds also prepare me for the future opportunities working in international companies.


During my semester at GSM, the classes are still online because of the Covid restriction. For that reason, I had more time to do various tasks in one day. I woke up doing some exercises at the gym, then started preparing for the classes by reading through the case studies and the content that will be discussed and covered in the class. After class, I tried to finish all the assignments within that day or if I had a group project, we would make the clear timeline for all the upcoming meetings and tried to finalize it as soon as possible.


I would try to attend every class and finish all the assignments on weekdays. For weekends, I would save it for my friends and family by making a weekend trip to visit some attractions in the countryside or even just relax in my city.


Thanapong Kongsenさん

GSM is a life changing opportunity especially if you have an interest in working in Japan, doing business related to Japan, or even creating a business that needs an inspiration through living a life in Japan.
The student support system from professors and GSM staffs are more than what you could expect. My first semester was very challenging because of the severe situation of Covid-19 across the world. However, the GSM staffs made it seamless for all the registration process and always keep me updated for any changes. I even collaborated with GSM staffs and got a big help in contacting the dream company for my internship program in Tokyo. I wouldn’t have made it without the kind support from Graduate School of Management.
If you’re looking for the once in a life time experience to live in a magical place like Kyoto and attend one of the most prestigious universities of Japan, joining Graduate school of Management of Kyoto University will be one of the best options and one of the best opportunities you will ever have in your life.