Aya Samy Ibrahim Abdelfatahさん

i-PM 国際プログラム 1回生(2022-)


Aya Samy Ibrahim Abdelfatahさん

Before I join GSM, I worked for IBM World Trade Corporation for 11 years. When I decided to shift to academia and earn a degree in business, I had to invest considerable time investigating the MBA programs in Japan. There are interesting programs offered by NUCB Business School, Hitotsubashi SBA, and Doshisha Global MBA. Although I got accepted by Hitotsubashi, and Doshisha University, I proceeded with Kyoto GSM International MBA Program owing to its state of art design. The idea of dividing the MBA program into two separate international programs, BA and PM, starting 2019 is truly efficient. It provides wider opportunities for applicants from different academic backgrounds to choose the program that best serves their future career. The curriculum is concise, neither too long nor too short, rather to the point and rich with the knowledge vital to successfully manage different projects.


i-PM program under GSM International MBA is the only program that designs workshops and projects on the area of “Digital Transformation and Innovation” which is the core subject of my research. This is perfectly aligned with my career and the type of industry I have been involved in for years. For example, the work of Professor William Baber offers a realistic study about what actually happens in the business world and how to pragmatically drive corporations towards digital growth. In addition, subjects like Strategic Management, Cross Culture, Negotiation and Human Resource Management are usually taught under the “International Business Track” not “Project Management Track” in some universities. However, in case of the International MBA Program at Kyoto GSM, students have the freedom to study them under i-PM program. Thus, the International Project Management Program of Kyoto GSM is ideal for me.


After pursuing the master’s degree, I will be able to achieve my dream career which is becoming a consultant for different sized organizations to guide them through their DX process. I wish to apply BMI (Business Model Innovation) and witness companies changing their business model to a better one. Having a consultancy start-up of my own for project management is my goal that I hope to fulfil by completing the i-PM program at Kyoto GSM.


Practical Business Negotiations by Professor William Baber.
Strategic Management by Professor Asli Colpan.


Aya Samy Ibrahim Abdelfatahさん

Wake up at 4 AM to pray.
Prepare my son’s bag and lunch box to go to the nursery.
Do the necessary house chores.
Go to GSM to attend multiple classes.
Return home to work on my assignments.
Spend short time with my family before I got to bed.
Go to part-time jobs in the weekend.


Family care
Part-time job
Research project with my supervisor.
Go out with my family if we got a chance.


Aya Samy Ibrahim Abdelfatahさん

The majority of MBA students all over the world wish to join the top universities like Harvard, MIT, Standford, etc. Well, I am writing this to tell you that Kyoto GSM has brought all this to you in one place. The syllabus is not completely made in Japan nor for Japan as might be misunderstood by some applicants, rather a true international curriculum that provides many case studies from those mega universities. The classes are designed to involve students deeply in the discussion. The more you share your ideas the higher score you get. This is in addition to the fact that Kyoto University is a prestigious university that is highly valued domestically and internationally. Your affiliation with Kyoto university as a student or as a graduate opens the doors for unlimited opportunities. Finally, if you are looking for a job in Japan, 京大 is the magical word.