Delmar Zakaria Firdaus さん

i-PM program 1回生(2023~)


Delmar Zakaria Firdaus さん

Since 2016, I have been working as a halal industry professional in Indonesia, conducting audits, training and consultation for companies locally and overseas. In 2019, a significant change in Indonesia's halal industry landscape happened with the establishment of the Halal Law. The challenge imposed by the Halal Law is a complex mega-project, collaborated with multiple stakeholders, with a broad impact on the Indonesian economy and trade.

Kyoto University is among the best university in Asia, offering an international program with a comprehensive multidisciplinary course on project management under its International Project Management (i-PM) program in The Graduate School of Management. This program is suitable as it covers the courses I need to enrich myself with the essential competency in project management.


What is the attractiveness of GSM? The well-known reputation of Kyoto University and the recognition as one of the top public universities in Japan accredited by EQUIS. GSM Kyoto University uses a customizable curriculum with practical problem-solving abilities based on students' needs and interests. Teaching materials and case studies are based on the international business school curriculum (Harvard Business School study case) and are not only relevant to the Japanese business ecosystem. Most GSM International MBA students are also experienced professionals and entrepreneurs who gain practical insight during their careers. We always have the opportunity to learn more from our brilliant classmates, not only from the provided teaching materials.

Aside from being an international-based business and management curriculum, GSM Kyoto University also enriches the teaching material with Japanese business and management context. This will bring a plus point for students that have an interest in working in Japan or for Japanese companies all around the world.


With the knowledge and skill obtained from GSM, I envision engaging in Indonesia’s Halal Product Assurance System project in micro and macro scopes. I want to accumulate the experience to apply the digital transformation aspect in my expertise. My ultimate goal is to be able to contribute to solving the national and global challenges of the complex halal value chain.


Every student may have different insights and opinions about which subject that fruitful to them due to differences in their experience and interests. For myself, there are three recommended subjects:
・Business Negotiation by Prof. William Baber: it will enrich you with the basic principles of negotiation and being fully aware of yourself while negotiating. You will find your true self based on your preferred negotiation style
・Strategic Management by Prof. Asli Colpan: you will learn how the strategy worked (and did not work) based on the case study of well-known companies
・Leadership Development by Prof. Takashi Mitachi: it is a very fundamental subject, yet philosophical, on how we will develop our leadership style with the contemporary case study


Delmar Zakaria Firdaus さん

04:00 - 04:30: Daily morning prayer
05:00 - 07:00: Work on assignments, home workout, doing house chores
07:00 - 08:30: Breakfast and take my children to the nursery school
08:30 - 18:15: Attend GSM classes, work on assignments/group team discussion
19:00 - 21:30: Family time
22:00: Sleep


Weekdays activity:
・House chores and family stuff
・Classes and assignments
・Part-time work as freelance trainer and consultant

Weekend activity/holiday:
・Family time or gather with Indonesian community
・Attend festival and attractions in Kyoto


Delmar Zakaria Firdaus さん

MBA Program is like a ‘treasure hunt', with each person holding a different map and final goals. We have to understand our own 'treasure map', what we need for our own career advancement. GSM Kyoto University provides the unique journey to learn the international Western-based business curriculum with a touch of Japanese ethics and culture, the intertwining of the West with the wisdom of the East.
But as the wise man says, the joy of the treasure hunt is not the treasure but the journey itself. One must enjoy the study journey in Kyoto, a lovable and beautiful old city with abundant Japanese cultural heritages.