Alumni News

Oct 14, 2020

Alumni Activities Reports of 2019

Reunion of 2019 was a great success with many alumni participations. Special thanks to Professor Sawabe, Professor Suematsu and Professor Kato.

At Reunion of 2019, Mr. Fujiwara, chairperson of Graduate School of Management (GSM) Alumni Association gave us an introductory speech regarding GSM Alumni activity reports.

As we hold special lectures every year, we invited two lecturers this year, Professor Yasuyuki Kato and Mr. Kotaro Kurashige.

Professor Yasuyuki Kato lectured about “ESG investing research”.

Mr. Kotaro Kurashige is from kkmlaw, and his lecture was about “Employment Reform Fanfare”.

We would like to thank SHIMADA HAMBA & OSAJIMA and GOODLIFE Co. and HIEWA SHUZOU Co. for being generous and sponsoring the GSM Alumni Association.



We will continue engaging in comprehensive activities to inspire each alumnus and support the development for both the GSM Alumni Association and Kyoto University Business Administration Graduate School. Our dedicated volunteer leadership of the GSM Alumni Association will continue and bring a value for all alumni.

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