About Us

Greeting from the Chairperson

Takayuki Omori (November 28, 2020)

At the 2020 general meeting of the Kyoto University Graduate School of Management (GSM) Alumni Association, I, Takayuki Omori, was elected as the chairperson. Since its establishment, the Alumni Association has made efforts to develop both itself, and our school. The previous chairperson, Mr. Fujiwara, has made great efforts to strengthen the Alumni Association’s organizational capacity, support the development of our school, and disseminate information. In my two-year term, building on these accomplishments, I will focus primarily on the following two initiatives:

1. Promoting exchange between alumni and current students
Currently, GSM regularly holds a “Get Together Party,” a social event that promotes interaction between alumni and current students. In addition to continuing to have the Get Together Party, we will create and strengthen opportunities for exchange between alumni and current students through social media and other means.

2. Sharing of knowledge through the alumni network
Our diverse alumni are at the leading edge of their professions in various regions at home and abroad. Each of them has specialized knowledge and skills, and we believe that sharing of knowledge and expertise will lead to the creation of new businesses, collaboration and exchange, making the alumni organization more robust. We will use the Alumni Association network to create and revitalize opportunities for alumni to share their knowledge and expertise by holding workshops, and disseminating information through social media and other means.

Together with the Alumni Association board members, we will do our best to enhance the attractiveness of the Kyoto University Graduate School of Management.

Greeting from the Dean, Graduate School of Management

Prof. Norio SAWABE Dean of GSM (April 1, 2022)

The Graduate School of Management (GSM), Kyoto University was established in April, 2006 in Kyoto. Based on the Kyoto University’s historical commitment to academic freedom, GSM aims at contributing to the diverse and harmonious development of global society by conducting management research with high ethical standards and by developing an educational system that bridges cutting-edge research and specialized practice and educates highly distinctive professionals who take leadership in a wide range of fields.

In order to fulfill above mentioned mission, GSM provides five MBA programs in Japanese, two MBA programs in English, and Kyoto-Cornell International Collaborative Degree Opportunity. GSM also provides PhD course for individuals with advanced practical experience in companies and other organizations. Our PhD course aims to cultivate global leaders who actively bridges practice and academic research.

Our faculty members have a wide variety of academic disciplinary backgrounds such as economics, engineering, management science, accounting, informatics and so on. More than 120 faculty members collaborate together to advance research and education to cope with challenges that our society faces now. Activities of the Center for Research in Business Administration, fifteen endowed chairs, four endowed lectures, four visiting/joint lectures, three executive education program, and one introductory program illustrates our latest research and education in collaboration with business enterprises and NPO/NGOs.

Our name the Graduate School of MANAGEMENT manifests our ambition to nurture management leaders, and to conduct management research, beyond business sphere. The role of management leaders is to make decisions in uncertain world and take responsibility to make the decision right in the end. A management guru, who considers himself as a social ecologist, after examining the origin of totalitarianism, stated that freedom is a responsible choice. In this turbulent era, management leaders who bears responsibility to make “right” decisions are needed in every corner of the world. We welcome, regardless of race, gender, and nationality, students who are committed to make a better world by educating themselves and improving our knowledge through scientific endeavor.


Academic Year 2020 (The General Meeting, November 28, 2020)

Takayuki OMORI (the 11th graduate)
Deputy Chairperson
Tadanori UMEKAWA (the 4th graduate)
Directors (Faculty)
Norio SAWABE (Dean), Naoki WAKABAYASHI, Yoshinori HARA
Directors (Graduates)
Hiroshi KUBO (the 1st graduate), Mie YAMAZAKI (the 2nd graduate),
Mitsuru OHMORI (the 3rd graduate), Satoru OGA (the 6th graduate),
Ani TERADA (the 6th graduate), Hiroyoshi FUJIWARA (the 7th graduate),
Takaaki NISHIIRI (the 8th graduate), Hiroki EIRAKU (the 9th graduate),
Masayoshi TAKABAYASHI (the 10th graduate), Kanako AKAGI (the 12th graduate),
Mizuha MARUMOTO(the 13th graduate), Kazu HORIUCHI (the 7th graduate / IPROMAC),
Shohei FUNATSU (the 7th graduate / Kansai)

Regulations of The Alumni Association of the Graduate School of Management (GSM), Kyoto University

October 27, 2018

The purpose of the association is to establish communication network among the members and to keep the members to contact with the school. We provide alumni association members followings;

  1. 1.Network with GSM, Kyoto University
  2. 2.Opportunities to get information relating to public and private sector projects
  3. 3.Network with Alumni
  4. 4.Network with managers in different industries
  5. 5.Network with successful members on a global scale

Article 2 Name of the Association
The name of the association is as follows; The Alumni Association of the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University.

Article 3 Location
The location is as follows; Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501

Article 4 Members
The association is composed of the following members;

  1. 1.The graduates of the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University.
  2. 2.The professors of the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University (including former professors)
  3. 3.The others who are admitted by all of the regular directors

Article 5 Directors
The officers of association is as follows;
A chairperson, A few deputy chairpersons, A few directors, 2 auditors
The term of directors is 2 years. However, it could be reappointed (Maximum number of terms for the chairperson is two ). Chairperson is representative of the association and shall preside over all affairs of the association. The deputy chairpersons shall assist the chairperson and temporarily assumes his/her duties if he/she is unable to attend his/her duties.
The council is composed of the chairperson, the deputy chairpersons, the directors and the auditors. The directors can commission a few executive directors in the directors by mutual election. The executive directors engage in the daily affairs of the association. The auditors inspect the accounting of the association.

Article 6 Operation
The council deliberates important affairs for operating in order to decide operation plans. Regarding especially important matters, it should be asked to the general association.
The association can put brunches according to the need.
The council can put secretaries for specified groups, for example, group for generations or area. The council could be held on at any time by approval of chairperson. The general meeting is held an annual year. However, an extraordinary general meeting could be held by approval of chairperson. The following cases should be discussed with the general meeting. The decision at the general meeting is due to majority voting by attendees.

  1. 1.Selection of directors
  2. 2.Establishment and alteration of regulations
  3. 3.Decision of budget and approval of financial account
  4. 4.Contribution of membership fee and imposing method
  5. 5.Other particularly important matters

Article 7 Amendment of Regulations
In case the amendment of the regulations is necessary for managing of the association, it is decided by discussion of the members.

Article 8 Expenses
The expense of the association is devoted with member fee, donation, and other incomes.

Article 9 Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the association begins on April 1st every year and ends on March 31st of the following year.