Alumni News

Dec 1, 2020

Alumni Activities Reports of 2020

The Reunion of 2020 was a great success with many alumni participation. Special thanks to Professor Wakabayashi, Assistant Professor Takase.

At the Reunion of 2020, Mr. Fujiwara, the previous chairperson of Graduate School of Management (GSM) Alumni Association gave us an introductory speech regarding GSM Alumni activity reports. Mr. Omori was elected as the chairperson of GSM Alumni Association.

As we hold special lectures every year, we invited one lecturer this year, Assistant Professor Takase gave a lecture on the theme of “Development of the Alumni Association”.

Although the meeting was held online due to COVID-19, it was a great opportunity to interact with many alumni who are active in various areas in Japan and abroad, and to make new connections.

We will continue engaging in comprehensive activities to inspire each alumnus and support the development for both the GSM Alumni Association and Kyoto University Business Administration Graduate School. Our dedicated volunteer leadership of the GSM Alumni Association will continue and bring a value for all alumni.

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