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Islamic Finance in Developed and Emerging Economies

Date:May 15, 2019 Wednesday 14:45 〜 16:15

【Event Number】

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 To attend the full seminar (from its beginning till the end).

【Brief Overview】
This seminar (by Professor Hasan Baklaci, Dean of the Business School at the Izmir University of Economics, Turkey) discusses the issues and trends regarding Islamic finance in developed economies as well as emerging markets. It examines the cases of Turkey and Japan as well as other nations. It shall be of interest to MBA students who would like to learn about alternative forms of financing.

【Eligible Person】
Students of Graduate School of Management and Graduate School of Economics

Research(Sogo Kenkyu) Building No.2, 3rd Floor, Case Study Seminar Room

【Leading Person】
Professor Asli M.Colpan

【Admission fee】

Registration is not required.


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