Urban/Regional Management Adjunct ProfessorTakeshi HONDA

【Specialized Fields】
Urban Planning
Urban and Regional Management
Graduated from the Kyoto University Engineering Department and finished the Master Course at the same Graduate School. Joined the Ministry of Construction (currently the Ministry of Land, Infrastrucure,Transport and Tourism). Via a section director in the Kinki District Construction Bureau, a deputy director of Urban Planning Divison at the MOC, an engineer general of Niigata-City, a director of the Urban Transport Planning Office at the MLIT, the deputy mayor of Nakano ward in the Tokyo Metropolis, and up until this present employment, was Director of Urban Transport Facilities Division , City Bureau, MLIT.
Although the social economic situation including a declining population, a super aging society, a stagnant state of economic growth, a delegation from central government to district office, and the diversification with regards to the sense of value, has changed remarkably. The solution for finding newly emerging problems has not yet fully progressed. Under these constraints, within the limited resources, capital, and hours, I hope to discuss and develop ideas with the students on how to renovate urban or district areas which need to support flourishing human lives.