Honorary Faculty GSM Distinguished ProfessorToru SHIKIBU

【Specialized Fields】
International Financial Policy, International Financial Supervision, International Development
Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Liberal Arts, received a master’s degree in International Relations. Joined the Ministry of Finance in 1977.
Deputy Budget Examiner (defense budget), First Secretary of Japanese Delegation to OECD (in Paris). Professor at the Nagasaki University Faculty and Graduate School of Economics in 1994 (International Economic Policy), and served as Dean of the Faculty and Graduate School until 1997. Director of the Headquarter for Hanshin-Awaji Reconstruction, Financial Minister of the Embassy of Japan in London, Deputy Commissioner for International Affairs of the Financial Services Agency. Director General of the Kinki Region Finance Bureau. Executive Director representing the Japanese Government at World Bank from 2007, Representative in Asia of the Inter-American Development Bank from 2010 to 2015. Since August 2016, Group Advisor of Societe Generale Group in Japan.
Having experienced the onsite experiences in financial policies at international finance and international development institutions, I have placed an emphasis on how policy makers nave responded to real problems and have made policies. Lets think about the fundamentals behind the decision making of policy makers and also national and public gains. I hope to contribute in opening up your vision towards the world.