SHIFT Endowed Chair Adjunct Associate ProfessorTsuyoshi YAMANASHI

【Specialized Fields】
DX Management and Entrepreneurship, Operational Excellence
Completed the Graduate School of Science (Mathematics) at Tokyo University of Science in 2004. After acquiring consulting experience at Incs (currently renamed as SOLIZE Corporation), in 2006 he joined SHIFT as its second member following its founder Tange. He was involved in the lauch of various services from the start-up phase, and was responsible for building the foundation of the current business. As the President's Office Manager, he supports SHIFT’s growth.
As I turned to the IT industry, after working as a business improvement consultant in the manufacturing industry, I have seen a number of ways in which various businesses and services were created and grew while going through hardships and failures. I hope that in surveys, studies, lectures, and other initiatives that I am involved as endowed chairs of SHIFT (or DAAE that SHIFT currently advocate as a new concept), I will be able to tell essences of my experiences in promoting “mono-zukuri (manufacturing or creation),” despite the situation where we had not had all the resources that we needed.