SHIFT Endowed Chair Adjunct ProfessorMasaru TANGE

【Specialized Fields】
DX Management and Entrepreneurship, Operational Excellence
Born in 1974 in Hiroshima Prefecture. Completed the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science at the Kyoto University Graduate School. After becoming a manager of consulting department of Incs (currently renamed as SOLIZE Corporation), in September 2005, he established SHIFT that changed the market to the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange in October 2019. He is pushing the company ambitiously forward and lead it to grow its corporate value, in order to create social infrastructure and attain “a smart society without unnecessary disruption.”
May 30th, 2014 “Don’t say I can’t, together we can and we will make a difference.” Diamond Inc.
As I have managed many IT businesses, I have always believed that new value reflecting the needs of users at each era, apart from the QCD that has traditionally been used, is necessary for future “mono-zukuri (manufacturing or creation),” including IT services and content development. "DAAE," standing for Design, Agility, Assembly and Economic Quality will be the new indicator for business theory and “mono-zukuri,” we believe. As an endowed chair, based on “DAAE” concept, I am passionate to systematize the ideal way of doing business and “mono-zukuri” in this modern era through surveys and research. Also, I aim that it will be used as the wisdom for managers to lead to the resolution of social issues and will support the creation of superior services and developing and invigorating various industries.