Business Administration Chairs ProfessorNobuyuki ISAGAWA

Finance and Accounting Program
i-BA Program

【Specialized Fields】
ESG management, Corporate Finance, Sustainable Finance
Investments, Corporate Finance, Workshop 1, 2
Graduated from the Kobe University. Worked for Shin-Nihon Securities. Associate Professor and Professor at Kobe University Graduate School of Business Administration. PhD (Management). Professor at Kyoto University from 2016.
Introduction to Corporate Finance, Nikkei Bunko; Corporate Finance of Japanese Companies (joint authorship), Nikkei Shimbun
I have been teaching and researching modern corporate finance and valuation for 20 years. Fortunately, I have experienced both academic theory and practice. Today, financial literacy has been very important for business persons. I am looking
forward to making discussion with you about finance and valuation on campus of Kyoto University, located in the beautiful Japanese ancient city.
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