Business Administration Chairs ProfessorNorio SAWABE

Finance and Accounting Program
i-BA Program

【Specialized Fields】
Accounting, Management Accounting, Management Control
Management Accounting, and others.
Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty and Graduate School of Economics (PhD). Served at Ritsumeikan University, Kyushu University, then Professor at Kyoto University. Melco Foundation Director, Japan Cost Accounting Association Director.
The Japanese Style of Business Accounting, Quorum Books, 1999; Amoeba Management – Theory and Demonstration, KCCS Management Consulting, 2010; and others.
Knowledge of accounting is essential for understanding the entire picture of corporate activities, and an appropriate management accounting system is a necessary condition for controlling strategies and risks. By understanding the structures and functions of traditional large corporate organizations, lets deepen our understanding of new ways of thinking in topics of modern corporate management.
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