Art, Communication Design and Organizational Management Assistant ProfessorEriko SUENAGA

【Specialized Fields】
Workshop Design, Communication Design, Drama education
Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Agriculture and received a Master's Degree from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Agriculture. Research assistant and Assistant researcher at Ritsumeikan University, before current position.
Suenaga, E., Rengyo., Ando, H., Kamimoto, A., Kuroki Y., Tanaka, S., Masui, H., Taniguchi, T. (2019) The Effect of the Design of the Number of Poles on the Communication-field -Evaluation by Comparative Experiment of 2 Pole Condition and 4 Pole Condition based on “Kurdan-no-Sengen”, Transactions of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers, 32(12), pp.455-466.
I am not an actor or director myself, but I am involved in the application of drama to education. Theater and art activities may seem like "play," but they are valuable experiences. In this course, we will deepen our practice and research on the application of drama and art.
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