JOHNAN Chair in Research and Promotion of “Kyoto Manufacturing Valley” Adjunct ProfessorYasunaga WAKABAYASHI (Kyoto University Professor, Emeritus)

【Specialized Fields】
Marketing, Distribution, Commerce, Service, Entrepreneur, Critical Thinking
Marketing, Contemporary Marketing Practice, Critical Thinking, Business Design, Business Leadership Program Workshop, Service and Hospitality Program Workshop, Tourism and Hospitality Management Course Workshop
Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty and Graduate School of Economics Master’s Course, and withdrew from the Doctor’s Course. PhD (Economics). Fulltime Lecturer at the Kyoto Sangyo University School of Business Administration, Associate Professor at the Kyoto University Faculty of Economics and currently Professor at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Economics (Now). President of CIEC (Community for Innovation of Education and learning through Computers and communication networks) , Secretary-General of the Association of Product Development and Management, Chairperson of (NPO) TOC for Education Japan, and others.
Customer Oriented Mass Marketing, Dobunkan Shuppan, 2003; "The effects of employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction in a retailer: an empirical examination in a supermarket chain" (joint authorship), Ryutsu, Japan Society for Distributive Sciences, No. 28, 2011; "Communication and Self Realization of Members in the Online Community" (joint authorship), Co-op Award 10th Journal of Subsidized Research Projects, Consumer Co-operative Institute of Japan, 2014.
Let's consider the marketing innovations needed to realize business leadership, such as the development of market creation structures to create new businesses, re-growth of existing businesses in mature markets, global development adapted to meet host countries/regions, creative responses to changes in customer behavior due to digital social media, etc.
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