Business Administration Chairs ProfessorSpring H. Han

Service and Hospitality Program
i-BA Program
KC-CDO Course

【Specialized Fields】
Service Marketing, Hospitality Management
2000. B.S. in Economics, Sungkyunkwan University, School of Economics.
2010. Ph.D. in Tourism, Kyonggi University, Graduate School of Tourism & Hospitality.
2010. Postdoctoral fellowship in Michigan State University
Hyunjeong “Spring” Han and Rohit Verma (2014). Why Attend Tradeshows? A Comparison of Exhibitor and Attendee’s Preferences. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly 55(3), 1-13. Shawn Mankad, Hyunjeong “Spring” Han, Joel Goh and Nagesh Gavirneni (2016). Understanding Online Hotel Reviews through Automated Text Analysis. Service Science 8(2), 124-138. etc. Awards: Industry Relevance Award 2017, Cornell University, Best Paper Award for the Year 2012, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, etc.
For the past several decades, growth in the service sector has far exceeded growth of expenditures on tangible goods. Service marketing is based on the value of customers’ experiences and processes which are intangible. The success of service marketing lies in understanding continues changing consumers demands and defining a service concept that exceeds their expectations.
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