Business Administration Chairs Associate ProfessorTing LIU

Business Leadership Program
i-BA Program

【Specialized Fields】
Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
M.B.A. and Ph.D. from Graduate School of Economics at Osaka University; Certificate from Cross-Boundary Innovation Program at Osaka University; Lecture at Hiroshima City University, prior to the current position at Kyoto University.
Liu, T., & Sekiguchi, T. (2019). How does the use of a foreign language affect team processes and member stress and satisfaction? Japanese Journal of Administrative Science, 31(1–2), 33–55.
Liu, T., Sekiguchi, T., & Ebisuya, A. (2019). Outcomes of bridging roles in MNCs and moderating influence of cultural identity integration. Best Paper Proceedings of 2019 Academy of Management.
With the development of globalization, “bridge individuals” with multicultural and multilingual skills are playing a significant role in international business. As “bridge individuals”, we will encourage and challenge each other with great curiosity and ambition.
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