Collaborative Research Chair for Asian Business Leader Development Adjunct ProfessorTakeo MORI

【Specialized Fields】
Public Private Partnership
Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty of Law(1984).
Worked for The Kansai Electric Power Co. in HR Representative, Communication enterprise and Sales. Seconded to Union of Kansai Governments, as Advisor to the President Public-Private-Partnership (2012-present). Currently, The Organizing Committee of the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai, as Advisor to the President (2013-present)and The KANSAI Tourism Bureau as Chief Executive Officer(2016-2018).
I have organized various organizations. For the past ten years I have been building and managing public and private partnership organizations with local governments and economic organizations. The purpose of each organization is different, such as sports promotion, culture promotion, inbound promotion etc. But the fundamental challenges of the organization are financial resources, personnel structure, governance and business. The items I have to examine for the organization are common. But the goals are all different depending on the participating members. I will not grow tired no matter how many times I work on this job.