Center for Research in Business Administration Adjunct ProfessorMunetaka HORIGUCHI

【Specialized Fields】
Project Finance(PF), Infrastructure and finance , International Finance Transaction and Laws
Graduated from Faculty of Law at Waseda University in 1985 and Master of Laws in 1996. After assuming several senior positions at "Japan Bank for International Cooperation"(JBIC), including Executive Officer for Asia and Oceania. Currently serves as Structured Finance Director, Vice President at Chiyoda Corporation.
Project Finance Practices (editor), Ryuichi Kaga, 2007; Islamic Finance – Mechanism and Trends, Islamic Financial Survey Association, 2008; "Aspects of Dispute Resolution in International Financial Translations ~Trial or Arbitration~," International Business Law, Vol. 42 No. 4, 2014; and others.
How to finance green/brown field infrastructure is one of the most important issues in the world. In order to tackle with the theme of "Regional Revitalization in Japan", we would like to continue to pay particular attention to the trend of various finance methods.