Road Asset Management Policy Chair Adjunct ProfessorShouich NAKATANI

【Specialized Fields】
Infrastructure Management, Bridge Construction Engineering
Road Asset Management
Graduated from the Engineering Department and finished the Masters course at the graduate school. (PhD obtained in Engineering). Via a director of The Bridge Construction Engineering Laboratory at the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, a research group director of the Bridge Construction of the National Public Work Research Institute, etc., and currently remains in the present post.
An administrative study on the enforcement and operation of the regulation to green buildings under the Urban Green Act, Annals of Japan Society for Urbanology, vol.44. Comparative study of legal systems to impose an obligation of greening buildings in Japan, City planning review. Special issue, Papers on city planning 41(3). Issues of principles and operations about outdoor advertisement law (1)~(4) ,The Study of Autonomy,Vol.83,No.7~Vol.84, No.5; and others
Under the severe conditions created by the rapid declining birthrate and the growing proportion of elderly people in Japanese society, as well as financial restraints and social capital in terms of aging in a tough economic environment. Specifically, in this lecture, the focus will be on infrastructure asset management in sustaining public infrastructure assets from a practical viewpoint, which supports the overall economic activities in our society, based on real world data.