Endowed Chairs Adjunct ProfessorYasushi YOSHIDA

【Specialized Fields】
Community Development, Urban Planning, Urban Policy
Community Development and Management
LL.B. (Tokyo University), MPA (Cornell University), Ph.D.(Hokkaido University), Division Head in the OECD, Councilor for the Cabinet Secretariat, Professor of Graduate School of Management, Kyoto university, East Nippon Expressway Company Limited. Since July 2022, Director and Executive Officer, Housing Warranty Corporation.
"On the Characteristics of Visitors to the Osaka Umeda Stations Area and Their Evaluation to the Area Management Activities," Global Business Journal, Vol.5, No.1, 36-47, 2019 (Co-Authorship); “Policy Implications from Cases in Foreign Countries for Realizing Compact Cities,” Planning Administration 36(4).2013 ; “A Study on the Land Use Control for Natural Disaster Prevention by PPR and Other Measures in France,” Journal of CPI of Japan Vol.46 No.1, April,2011.
Now, we are facing the phase of decreasing population, which entails many problems associated with aging and deterioration of urbanized areas. To solve these problems, not only the national and local governments but also various stake holders including businesses, citizens and NPOs must cooperate. Let’s find a way together to realize this cooperation from academic/practical view points.