Integrated Port Logistics Chair ProfessorShogo MIYAJIMA

Project Operations Management Program

【Specialized Fields】
Global Logistics, Port Facilities
Global Logistics and Maritime Transport / Trade
M.Eng. from Kyushu University. MOT Port and Harbour Research Institute, Kansai International Airport Co.,Ltd., MLIT Ports and Harbors Bureau, Regional Development Bureau (Chubu, Kinki, and Shikoku), National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM), Policy Bureau.
Damage to Port and Port-related Facilities by the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake, Technical Note of NILIM, No.798, 2015.
An Attempt to Maintain the Facilities Based on Lifecycle Management Technique, Proceedings of civil engineering in the ocean, Vol.22, 2006.
The circumstances surrounding global logistics has been changing drastically due to the progress of horizontal international specialization and globalization of supply chain, development of ICT, etc. I would like to pursue researches with you on further efficiency of port logistics, integration of port facility development to support logistics, and risk management on port logistics due to disasters, both theoretically and practically.