Collaborative Research Chair Adjunct ProfessorJunji NISHIDA

【Specialized Fields】
Traffic Management, Information System / IoT, Business Creation, Community Design, Smart City
B.Eng. , Kyoto University (1980)
President & CEO, Japan Research Institute for Social Systems (2004-) Trustee, Ueda Gakuen [Ueda College of Fashion] (2011-) Hankyu Corporation [Railway Planning, Business Creation, Urban Planning] (1988-2004)
Japan Digital Equipment Corporation (1986-1988)
Chuo Fukken Consultants Co., LTD (1980-1986)
Machidukuri (Community Design) by D.I.Y, Co-author, Gakugei Shuppansha (2004).
My technical fields are transportation, city planning and ICT.
Taking advantage of my experience - management of a major company, small enterprises, educational foundation and public service corporation, I will take on the research of the community activation.