Collaborative Research Chair for Asian Business Leader Development Adjunct ProfessorToichi KIMURA

【Specialized Fields】
Corporate Management, Business Creation, Human Resources Development
Graduated from Kyoto University with BA and Ph.D. (Engineering). Worked as Executive Director of the Nomura Research Institute (NRI), President of NRI Network Communications, President of NRI Learning Network, and Corporate Adivisor of NRI. Served positions as Chair of the Teleport System Research Council, Communication Policy Bureau, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Member of Urban and Regional Planning Research Committee, Science Council of Japan. Member of IR Recognition Committee, JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
New Age US-JAPAN (joint authorship), Nomura Research Institute, 1987; Design and Theory Urban Planning (joint authorship), Maruzen, 1992; and others.
Participants in this joint-research-chair (ABL) will be Asian business leaders. The ABL research is a one year program. In the first half, researchers will have lectures by invited prominent professors and government officers, in terms of economics, culture, and business customs of major Asian countries. In the second half, researchers have a field research (internship) of business practice at Asian companies with the advice of cooperative top ranked universities. The ability of English communication and negotiation is indispensable for the actual business and is also acquired in the joint research chair.
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