Collaborative Research Chair for Securities Investment Adjunct Associate ProfessorShotaro MINAMI

【Specialized Fields】
Asset Management, Quantitative Investing, Engagement Investing, Artificial Intelligence Finance
MBA from Kyoto University, Ph.D from Kyoto University.
Over 10 years experience developing quantitative investment models and managing funds at several buy-side institutions and fintech company.
How Can Machine Learning be Applied to Investment Processes?”, Securities Analyst Journal, 2017.
“Prediction of Nikkei Volatility Index using DeepLearning” JPX Futures Report, 2018.
“Prediction Equity Price with Corporate Action Events Using LSTM-RNN”, Journal of Mathematical Finance, 2018.
Theory and Framework are really powerful tools when you master them in your business. They function not only as tools, but also aid in the thought process and approach leading up to your decisions that support your new ideas and discoveries in uncertain situations.