Collaborative Research Chair for Asian Business Leader Development Adjunct ProfessorYasunari MATSUURA

【Specialized Fields】
Global business leader development / Strategy
Having worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in its London and Tokyo offices as a strategic investment consultant (mainly for M&A and Business Recovery Services), worked in Osaka as an HRD consultant at Globis Corporation (Globis Management School). Served as the general manager of its Osaka office and a member of the group executive board before becoming independent in 2008. Currently working as a management and HRD consultant, and also as a lecturer at corporate management training programs.
Strategic Thinking for the Next Economy (Co-translated into Japanese)
Traits of a global businessperson can be roughly divided in a matrix with axes of “Professional Competences” and “Intercultural Competences”. One that is highly capable in both competences is considered to be a global business leader. Train hard this year at the ABL program and change yourself into a highly competent global professional. See you in class!