Collaborative Research Chair for Asian Business Leader Development Adjunct ProfessorSumie NAKAYAMA

【Specialized Fields】
Energy model analysis, Climate policy
Energy Business Development
Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering. PhD (Engineering). Developed career through working as a researcher of energy and climate policy in J-POWER, studying as a visiting researcher at Center for Energy and Environment Policy Research MIT while observing international climate policy negotiations. Currently serving as Executive Officer of J-POWER and Member of the Board of Directors of Global CCS Institute.
"Transparency co-design of scientific research agendas: 40 research questions for socially relevant climate engineering research", Sustainability Science, January 2017, Volume 12, Issue 1 (co-author)
Sustainable development cannot be achieved by a single global common solution but country/region specific solutions considered with respective tailored on energy demand/supply or energy resource availability. One of the challenging problems is a trade-off between energy and climate change. Let’s explore such solutions following building the foundation of energy and climate change knowledge.