Public Relations Endowed Lecture Adjunct ProfessorTakashi INOUE

【Specialized Fields】
Public Relations
Public Relations
Received Ph.D. from Waseda University
Established Inoue Public Relations, Inc. in 1970
Visiting Professor, Waseda University (2004-2008)
Visiting Professor, Akita International University (Second semester, 2016)
Representative Director, President General Incorporated Association JAPAN PUBLIC RELATIONS SOCIETY
Visiting Professor, Graduate School Hokkaido University
Ph.D.(Public Management)
Inoue, T. (2003a). "An Overview of Public Relations in Japan and the Self-Correction Concept", In K. Sriramesh, & D. Vercic (Eds.), The global public relations handbook: Theory, research, and practice. (pp.323-353). New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associate.
Paburikku rireshonzu (Public Relations: Relationship Management), 2nd ed., Tokyo: Nippon Hyroron Sha, 2015
Public Relations in Hyper-globalization: Essential Relationship Management - A Japan Perspective, Takashi Inoue, Routledge, 2018
Public relations is no longer only for PR professionals, but required skill to succeed at stakeholder relationship management that is essential to survive and efficiently achieve your goals in a hyper-globalized world. As future members of top management you, yourself, will need to be skilled in public relations.