Project Operations Management Program: M1 2019.9-2021

The Reason Why You Chose GSM


I had spent my undergraduate years in the economics department of Kyoto University and founded a software development startup company in my undergraduate years. I've been involved in software development since I was a junior high school student, so I knew a lot about "making" but now I want to learn "selling what I made" too. Since I was an undergraduate, I had an attachment to learning in Kyoto, and I chose Kyoto University GSM because the quality of the professors was reliable.

What is the attractiveness of GSM?

I think the attraction of GSM is that it is a place where the world to see expands because students from various backgrounds gather. In addition to attributes such as country of origin and age, there are a wide variety of people, such as people who started their own businesses in their undergraduate years, people who succeeded in starting up their own businesses, people who come while working, people who come while taking time off from work, and people who come with the intention of pursuing doctoral degrees in business administration. And for the same reason I chose GSM, Kyoto city is attractive and the quality of the professors is reliable.

The Visions of Your Future

I want to learn about management with GSM, broaden my perspective, and use it in my company's activities.

Your Recommended Subjects

It's a compulsory subject so you can take it even if you don't recommend it, but the management strategy is good. There is a group work, and it is a good experience to carry out analysis in cooperation with everyone. The best recommendation is finance. It's not only very helpful on the theoretical side, it's also practical knowledge.

Schedule of Your Day

07: 30 ~ 10: 30... getting up, getting ready, going to school
10: 30 ~ 12: 00... the 2nd period
12: 00 ~ 13: 00... lunch break
13: 00 ~ 14: 30... the 3rd period
14: 30 ~ 15: 30... group work, self-study
15: 30 ~ 23: 00... free time. Play with friends, develop software.

Schedule of Your Week

I took 8 classes in the first semester of M1. There are compulsory subjects for basic subjects and many assignments are given, but if you do it efficiently, you don't have to worry so much. I had plenty of time for self-study, leisure time, and software development.

Message for Applicants

Before I entered the school, I thought two years was long, but now that I'm learning GSM, I start to feel that two years is very short. I can spend such a valuable time. I think the reason why I feel I am spending a valuable time is because I am not neglecting not only what I learn but also to learn by myself, but GSM is an environment where I can do that. Plan to get into GSM and learn on your own.