Class of 2017, Business Leadership Program

Tokiwa Corporation

After graduating from university, I worked for a trading company for about 2 years and later started my own business. Two years ago, I was confused whether I should expand my business. In order to figure it out from a boarder perspective as well as to make my career path more clearly, I decided to take MBA course in GSM-KU.

I have gained precious experience during these two years studying, I have met excellent classmates and professors from all walks of life, which gave me different perspectives of life and work. Besides, GSM-KU provided us with such a wide range of curriculum and lectures, including both academic field and practical activities, which allowed me to know about more brand new fields. During these two years, we could choose different school partners for exchange programs. My classmates had been to Germany, Belgium, Canada, USA, Malaysia, India and other different countries. As Kyoto University is famous for “free” school environment, we were provided with enough autonomy to become either specialist or generalist, which in my opinion can create unbounded possibilities for our future.

Thanks to GSM-KU, I have figured out what I should do next. I will keep learning, practicing and utilizing the experience and knowledge I have gained in GSM-KU. I believe what is learned at GSM-KU will be a solid foundation for any individual in their future endeavor.