Masayuki TODO

Class of 2020, Project Operations Management Program

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

The Reason Why You Chose GSM

Masayuki TODO

 I originally belonged to the Faculty of Engineering and mainly studied data analysis by using probability theory and mathematical statistics. While doing research activities, my analysis results were rarely used in the real world. I felt there is a gap between academic and Business. So, I chose a business school to acquire skills of business and management and fill the gap. In particular, GSM is a professional graduate school in accordance with the fundamental philosophy of integration of arts and sciences. There is an environment where students can study with a variety of students, including working adults with professional experience, students with backgrounds in science, and international students. I felt those environments were attractive for me and that’s why I chose this school.

What You Learned at GSM

 In the spring semester of the first grade, I studied basic subjects such as Business strategy, accounting, microeconomics, statistical analysis, and project management. Then, I studied specialized subject, business practice subject and advanced subject. I was able to learn a wide range of knowledge about business by studying not only in my own specialty, but also a variety of classes. In addition, many classes took the form of group work, and there were many opportunities to output what I had input in basic and specialized subjects. I approached the issues given in the classes from a strategic, marketing, or organizational perspective. Through these experiences, I acquired the skill of solving issues from multiple perspectives. Furthermore, in group work, it was necessary to insist my opinion logically to students who engaged in business and people with various backgrounds. I feel that I was well trained to insist my opinion more logically.

The Reason Why You Chose Your Career Plan

 I've been interesting in IT and wanted to transform the world with IT. Today, business and IT are closely related, and the use of IT by user companies is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. Recently, digital transformation has led to the rise of Fintech companies and platform companies like GAFA. These companies offer services such as settlement and financing on behalf of existing financial institutions. As in these examples, I realized through GSM classes that digital transformation change business models and create new businesses. From these experiences, I come to desire to understand corporate operations and businesses, and create high value-added services by using digital technology. So, I decided to start my first career in the company that have an advantage with digital and IT.

What Impressed You About GSM

 The most impressive event was the final presentation of Project Operations Management Program Work shop, and my research presentation “Optimal Infrastructure asset management policies by private sector” won the Best Workshop Award. Looking back at the workshop, my supervisor, Professor Tadashi Yamada, was very busy because he also belonged to a Graduate school of engineering in Kyoto University, but he spent a lot of time for me and taught me with great passion. In my WS research, I also collaborated with Professor Kiyoshi Kobayashi and person engaged in business. They gave me a lot of advice not only from an engineering perspective but also from a business perspective. I was able to broaden my own perspective by conducting research incorporation both academic and business perspectives. In the final presentation, I received many questions and comments from teachers in various specialized fields, and I was able to have a deeper insight into my research.

Extracurricular Activities You Have Done

Masayuki TODO

 GSM conclude exchange student and academic exchange agreement with many Universities overseas. So, there are a lot of opportunities for students in GSM to study abroad. As a part of the joint research on bridge asset management, I conducted a field survey at The University of Transportation and Communications in Vietnam. I presented the results of the research at the SEMINAR OF ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE ASSET MANAGEMENT For Creative Academic and Business Platform Between Vietnam and Japan, held at the University of Transportation and Communications in Vietnam. At the seminar, I had discussions with foreign teachers and students, and had a valuable experience. I had also an opportunity to attend a session where a Japanese company gave a presentation on technology and discussed their business potential in Vietnam. I thought it is difficult to think about how to insist opinion and how to develop business in a country where the way of thinking and culture is fundamentally different, but I thought it was important. I hope this seminar is very helpful for my future.

Message for Prospective Students

Masayuki TODO

 One of the best experiences after entering GSM is that I made many irreplaceable friends. The number of students for each grade is about 100, and they are such as those who moved on from undergraduate to graduate school like me, working adults, international students, managers. Although each student has different experiences and backgrounds, they have desire for self-improvement. I was very inspired to learn with them. Students in GSM have a strong desire to learn, and they not only take classes but also hold study group on their own. I think GSM is the best place for those who think and act on their own. I think the two years you spend at GSM will pass by quickly, but if you have willingness to learn, you will get incredible benefits. By studying at GSM, you can meet excellent friends and professors. The knowledge and connections you gain at GSM can be a valuable asset for you. I recommend that people who want to improve their skills enter this school.