Service and Hospitality Program: M1 2019-

The Reason Why You Chose GSM


There are three main reasons. First of all, although I have been working in the service industry for many years, I had a lack of academic understanding of service and hospitality, so I would like to integrate practical with academic. Next, in the present age when the manufacturing industry is coming to the dead end, I would like support the product makers to create services and add a value on the services together. Furthermore, as a “hospitality professional”, I have been communicating about the importance of hospitality with “carefulness” through various medias. As I am deeply concerned about the current lowering level of Japanese hospitality, I would like to help to create an attractive society that is loved by people all over the world by contributing to improve the Japanese hospitality power.

What is the attractiveness of GSM?

At GMS, we can not only take various lectures offered at GMS, but also participate in the industry-academia-government collaboration programs. For example, based on my experience working for a pharmaceutical company, I participate in the “Healthcare Innovation Entrepreneurship Program (HiDEP)” from July to December. While attending a variety of lectures, we visited doctors' operating sites at Kyoto University Hospital in order to grasp the needs of the site. We are now discussing for the establishment of a new service with a group of four members toward the final presentation in December.

The Visions of Your Future

For about 10 years, I have been responsible for assisting top management in various foreign-affiliated companies, and have always been in an intercultural business environment. After that, I started the company and engaged in human resource education as a human resource development consultant. The company name “Link” comes from the desire to play a “connecting” role, such as connecting “people” and “people”, and connecting “Japan” and “World”. In Japan, as Japanese working population is declining, recruitment of foreign workers is absolutely essential. Therefore, Japanese managers will have more foreign subordinates. In an advancing multicultural society, while removing the distinction of being a Japanese and foreigner, I would like to work as an innovator in organizational reform by making proposals for creating a system and environment so that many people can work with happiness and dignity.

Your Recommended Subjects

- Management Strategy (Prof. Yasuo Sugiyama)
- Human Resource Management (Prof. Tomoki Sekiguchi)
- Method of Service Creation (Associate Prof. Yutaka Yamauchi)

Schedule of Your Day

- 7:00~9:00 Writing articles
- 10:30~12:00 Lecture of Method of Service Creation
- 12:00~13:00 Lunch with friends
- 13:00~14:30 Lecture of Business Ethics
- 15:00~18:00 Working at home

Schedule of Your Week

Monday: AM Phone meeting with clients, PM Lecture on Tourism and Leadership
Tuesday: AM Go to client sites for meeting, PM Lecture on Human Resource Management
Wednesday: AM Lecture on Method of Service Creation, Lunch with friends or Group discussion session
Thursday: AM Work at home, PM Lecture on Contemporary Marketing
Friday: Business trip to Tokyo
Saturday: Preparation for Thesis, Lecture on Management Research twice a month
Sunday: Creation Activities

Message for Applicants

The two-year enrollment period seems to be long, however it will pass very quickly. When you join the GSM, you will have a busy day. Don’t forget your own goals and do your best to open a new door in your life!