Class of 2021, MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

JTB Corp.

The Reason Why You Chose GSM


I have been working for a travel agency in Kyoto for six years as a corporate sales representative. As my next career step, I wanted to acquire knowledge and skills that could not be obtained only through field experience. I also wanted to see the tourism industry from outside of the company. The reason why I chose GSM was because I felt that the " MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management course" would enable me to acquire business management skills and a wide range of knowledge related to service, hospitality and tourism. In addition to lectures, there are many projects outside of the classroom, such as oversea internships, which gave me many opportunities to put my learning into practice.

What You Learned at GSM

Focusing on the service industry, I learned about business administration approaches such as marketing, accounting, and human resources. I was able to acquire knowledges of the industry from multiple perspectives through discussions on various subjects such as service creation methods, Omotenashi, Kyoto's tourism and culture, AI, DMO, MICE, and other fields. In particular, I learned many from the lectures given by guest speakers from Japan and abroad, who talked about their business along with their hardships.

The Reason Why You Chose Your Career Plan

Since I entered GSM through my company’s training program, I will return to my original company after graduation. I will be involved in regional revitalization and business development in the Kyoto area. I will do my best to make the most of my two years of learning at GSM and create a business that can contribute to the development of both the industry and the region.

What Impressed You About GSM


First is the learning experience with my classmates from various backgrounds. Especially in the first semester, where there were many difficult assignments and exams, we gathered in the library after school and on weekends and worked hard. We encouraged each other to overcame them together. Second is the graduation thesis which I wrote about integrated resorts. Due to the effect of COVID-19, it was difficult to gather information, but Professor Naoki Wakabayashi gave me careful guidance, and I was able to deepen my research through discussions with other students in the work shop. I was filled with a sense of accomplishment when I completed my graduation report after struggling for approximately six months to complete my research. At the very end, I was able to participate in the MGM Resorts International’s online externship and make good use of my research.

Extracurricular Activities You Have Done

Even if I understood something by taking a lecture, I feared of forgetting what I learned over time. In order to prevent that, I actively participated in projects outside of class so that I could practice and acquire my knowledge. I participated in the aforementioned MGM online externship, and the Atagawa Onsen Tourism Association program. It was a project to revitalize the Atagawa Onsen area through the renewal of its website as a DMO practice. I also participated in the annual meeting of the ICCA, the global community and knowledge hub for the international association meetings industry, online. I was unable to go to the ICCA Congress physically, but learned a lot through interactive discussions and expanded my network.
Also, my classmates and I established “the Kyoto Connection Base.” Through blogs and YouTube radio broadcasts, we introduce Kyoto from multiple perspectives, and give information about the university for people who are interested in challenging GSM.

Message for Prospective Students


The great thing about the GSM is that you can acquire knowledge and skills through a mixture of theory and practice, with classmates from various backgrounds. I had an image that most MBA students were in their 30s or older with a lot of working experience. However, there were many international students, graduates of undergraduate schools, office workers, business managers and etc. I was able to gain a lot of stimulation and learning through group work and discussions with them. It was a valuable asset for me to be able to spend two years with them, working hard and encouraging each other.
Now that I have completed the program, I feel that these two years have flown by. I would like to encourage you to think about how you want to spend the next two years and challenge yourself to achieve your goals.