Certified Jun 3, 2021

March 26, 2021 GSM obtained accreditation as a professional graduate business school from ABEST21

Professional graduate business schools in Japan must undergo external evaluation by a certified evaluation and accreditation agency once every five years. After certifying with the ABEST21 (The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st century organization) accreditation for the first time in 2010, Graduate School of Management (GSM), Kyoto University, was reaccredited as a professional graduate business school in 2015 and 2020 consecutively.

The 2020 accreditation was conducted through self-evaluation report, online peer-review-visit and online interview with relevant GSM members. In ABEST21 General Assembly held on March 16th, 2021, ABEST21 officially certified that GSM met the evaluation standards, GSM’s educational and research activities satisfied all or most accreditation standards, the Kaizen plans were excellent, and quality maintenance and improvement of education and research were very promising and excellent. GSM received the Good Practice Award crystal trophy for its international sustainable MBA program.

For the further information of accreditation, please visit the following website.

Website link: ABEST21

GSM Working Group members on international accreditation
The certificate and the Good Practice Award crystal trophy