Women in Research


My background in research

My background in research

I received my master's degree in Agricultural Science from the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University. After graduation, I was involved in the planning and management of various projects and research activities related to theatrical methods, and when the "Endowed Chair in Art, Communication Design and Organizational Management" was established at the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University in April 2021, I took up my position at the university as an assistant professor.

The story of how I came to be in my current position may not be a typical one. I don't have a doctorate, and my master's degree is in agriculture, but I went into the field of theater. And, I was not a member of any theater club at university, so my parents looked at me strangely and asked, "Why theater?”

I first became involved in theater when I attended a workshop given by Mr. Rengyo (who is now working with me as a colleague). At that time, I was interested in the themes of "communication" and "workshop”. After attending Mr. Rengyo’s lecture and experiencing a theater workshop, I was shocked in many ways, which led me to become involved in theater.

My research interests, Other activities

My research interests, Other activities

I have been involved in research projects on the educational effects of theatrical methods. Currently, I am interested in changes in communication and team building through the use of art. I would like to conduct research and practice not only in corporate organizations, but also in school education, working communities, and many other places.

In addition, the course I belong to has been selected for the "Kyoto University Cross-Sectoral Research Platform Development Program, 2021". Thank you very much! Until February 2022, I will be planning a research group based on "theater", so if you are interested, please join us!

Work-life balance, Message to female students

(Although this is in the "Message to Female Students" section, I don't think the message is limited to women.)

One of my favorite sayings is "make the path you chose into the right one", by Jane Su.
By the way, I really like her radio show... I often introduce it to people because I want many people to listen to it.

There are many choices in life: which job to choose, which company to work for, whether to get married or not, whether to raise children or not....
It's hard to know which one to choose. You may feel that you have made the wrong choice.
Instead, Jane Su says, "What is important is not whether the way that we chose is correct or not, but that we make the way correct.”
It's very positive, but at the same time, I think it's very strict with oneself.

I feel that I have made some not-so-common choices in my life. But, I feel positive about my choice.

There are many different ways to achieve a "work-life balance”. Also, the ideal way of life will probably change depending on your age at the time.

I think the important thing is to affirm your own choice as "the right one”. It's not easy, of course, but I would like to be positive about my own choices in the future.