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“Built to Innovate: Essential Practices to Wire Innovation into Your Company’s DNA ” Prof.Ben M. Bensaou

Date:July 28, 2022 Thursday 15:00 〜 16:30

Place:Hybrid Meeting

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In this seminar, Professor Ben M. Bensaou will talk about his international career, behind-the-scenes of his research and education at INSEAD and other institutions, and his motivations and intentions for the publication of his book “Built to Innovate: Essential Practices to Wire Innovation into Your Company’s DNA” (2021, McGraw-Hill). It will be of interest to a wide range of MBA students and those involved in corporate training and education who are interested in connecting academic knowledge and business practice.

【Biography of the Speaker】
Ben M. Bensaou is a Professor of Technology Management and Professor of Asian Business and Comparative Management at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. He served as Dean of Executive Education in 2018–2020. He was a Visiting Associate Professor at Harvard Business School in 1998-1999, a Senior Fellow at the Wharton School of Management in 2007-2008, and a Visiting Scholar the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley in 2013-2015.
He received his PhD in Management from MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, US, and his MA in Management Science from Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan; his Diplôme d’Ingénieur (MSc) in Civil Engineering and DEA in Mechanical Engineering from respectively the Ecole Nationale des TPE, Lyon and the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, two Grandes Ecoles in France.
He is a leading expert on Innovation and how to build, maintain, and enhance a company’s collective innovating capabilities. His book “Built to Innovate: Essential Practices to Wire Innovation into Your Company’s DNA” (2021, McGraw-Hill) explains in detail his systematic approach. It defines specific innovative practices and roles for employees at each level of the organization, including Japanese firms, offers tools and a process methodology for innovating, and presents a host of vivid case studies that illustrate the dramatic benefits possible. The book has been selected to the Thinkers50 Top 10 Best New Management Books of 2022.

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