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2019.12.11 Diversity of Board and CEO Duality in the Strategy Process: An Integrated Approach

Date:December 11, 2019 Wednesday 13:00 〜 14:30

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By drawing on the upper echelons theory we propose a synthesized model of the strategy process to analyse the effects of board diversity on performance while examining the heterogeneous mediating effect of CEO duality. We posit that this difference in the mediation is led by distinctive interfacing power with their dominant logics depending on outsiderness of CEOs in family firms. In the context of our study, task-related cognition reflected in diversities of the lengths of service and different functional roles among the board members appear to be important for the focal task of institutionalizing the duality. This endogenously determined CEO duality in turn affects performance through different mechanisms, where high-power nonfamily CEOs adhere to a market logic contingent upon the traditional agency problems while family CEOs follow a family logic contingent upon both the behavioural agency problem and stewardship. Our integrated theory, which is supported by empirical results, illustrates why characteristics and dominant logics are important in understanding both the board’s and CEOs’ behaviors in a system of the strategy process and the circumstances under which the consolidation of power and decision-making afforded by duality would be beneficial and vice versa in family firms.

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