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November 18, 2021 “Innovative Hospitality Management” Special Lecture Series 3: “Sustainable hospitality management based on tradition and innovation of “Shinise”(long-established) company” by Mr. Masao Hosoo, Chairman of HOSOO Co., Ltd.

Date:Nov 18, 2021 16:45 〜 18:15


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In this lecture, Mr. Masao Hosoo, Chairman of Hosoo Co., Ltd. will talk about how the management philosophy and principles of “Shinise” (long-established company) have led to the sustainable development of the business, with recent examples of overseas expansion and collaboration with luxury brands and different type of business companies.

Hosoo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1688 in the Nishijin area of Kyoto and started the wholesale of Obi and Kimono in 1923.

The lecture will be conducted, in Japanese/English(simultaneous interpretation), as a live-stream from the atelier of Hosoo located in the Nishijin area.

*Please enter the zoom room at least 5minutes before the start of the session.
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【Eligible Person】
GSM Students and graduate school students, faculty and staff of Kyoto University

Japanese/English(simultaneous interpretation)


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Professor Yoshinori HARA
Adjunct Professor Senko IKENOBO
Associate Professor Spring H. Han

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