Business Administration Chairs Associate ProfessorTetsuharu OBA

Project Operations Management Program
i-PM Program

【Specialized Fields】
Urban and Regional Planning
Project Management, Transportation and Logistics Management
Graduated from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering. PhD (Engineering). Analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co.,Ltd., Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering before current position at Kyoto University.
Tetsuharu Oba and Douglas S. Noonan:The Price of Preserving Neighborhoods: The Unequal Impacts of Historic District Designation, Economic Development Quarterly, 34(4), pp.343-355, 2020.
Tetsuharu Oba and Hiroyuki Iseki:Transportation Impacts on Cityscape Preservation: Spatial Distribution and Attributes of Surface Parking Lots in the Historic Central Districts, Journal of Urban Planning and Development, 146(2), 2020.
I conduct theoretical and empirical researches on urban & regional planning, transportation planning, and urban regeneration & preservation. Let us consider and discuss the complicated urban problems and their solutions, from the viewpoints of both engineering and social science, based on the evidence.
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