Business Administration Chairs ProfessorYutaka YAMAUCHI

Service and Hospitality Program
i-BA Program

【Specialized Fields】
Organization Theory, Ethnography, Ethnomethodology
Organization and Community Design, Organizational Behavior, Method for Service Creation, Advanced Service Design
Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering and received a Master's Degree from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics, PhD from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Researcher at the Xerox Corporation Palo Alto Research Center before current position at Kyoto University.
Yamauchi, Y., & Hiramoto, T. (2020). Performative Achievement of Routine Recognizability: An Analysis of Order Taking Routines at Sushi Bars. Journal of Management Studies, 57(8), 1610–1642. Yamauchi. Y, & Hiramoto, T. (2016). Reflexivity of routines: An ethnomethodological investigation of initial service encounters at sushi bars in Tokyo. Organization Studies, 37(10), 1473-1499.
Yamauchi, Y. (2015). Reflexive Organizing for Knowledge Sharing: An Ethnomethodological Study of Service Technicians. Journal of Management Studies, 52(6), 742-765.
Yutaka studies culture of services. He typically observes and videotapes interactions in service encounters and analyze them to develop theories on services. He also plays an active role in Kyoto University Design School, where he teaches design ethnography, service design and design of culture.
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