Philosophical Entrepreneurship Studies Adjunct ProfessorHajime TAKEBAYASHI

【Specialized Fields】
Business Model Marketing, Motivation Management
Major in information engineering at the Osaka Electro-Communication University. Join in Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co. (now OMRON) after graduation. Expertise in promotion of big projects in distribution and railway industries and the launch of new business. Serve as Omron Software Representative Director and President, Omron Nogata Representative Director and President, DoCoMo Healthcare Representative Director and President, OMRON Corporation Incubation Center Director and Director of Data Trading Alliance (DTA).
Big business chance is no longer lying at the traditional extension where we were from. We are embracing a new era amid radical rebuilding of business structure and the view of the world. The ability to create new mechanism and paradigm based on the deep understanding of the essence of open-innovation and AI-incorporated latest technology is significantly important. Through this course, let’s develop this ability and deliver a new manufacturing mechanism and paradigm from Kyoto.