Endowed Chairs Adjunct ProfessorYoshikazu MAEGAWA

Service and Hospitality Program
Tourism and Hospitality Management Course

【Specialized Fields】
Innovation, Service & Tourism Industry Management, Business Development
Innovation and Information, Service Modeling & Applying Strategy, Service Industry Case Analysis, Lectures on Tourism Industry, and others.
Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering (1982). Worked for Sanyo Electronics in video equipment development. Received an MBA degree from the Boston University Business School (1995), and DBA from Kobe University Graduate School of Management (2007). Associate Professor, GSM of Kyoto University (2008), before current position at Kyoto University.
"Japanese Retro-modern Engines of Innovation" Takuya Miyamoto, Yoshikazu Maegawa, KYOTO ECONOMIC REVIEW, 77/2, 2008
"A Case Analysis on Managerial Integration of Technology and Marketability of Intrapreneurship: With a Focus on Functions of the ‘Division R&D‘" Takuya Miyamoto, Yoshikazu Maegawa, Masashi Yasuda, MANAGEMENT SCIENCE 47(3) 5-16, 2014 (in Japanese)
"An exploratory study on an in-house collaboration between a corporate R&D and a manufacturing division in technology transition period: A sequence of transfer of engineers at Sanyo’s rechargeable battery business in the 1990s" Takuya Miyamoto, Masashi Yasuda, Yoshikazu Maegawa, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, 30(30) 16-26, 2012 (in Japanese)
"Success and Failure of Knowledge Transfer" Yoshikazu Maegawa, THE ANNUAL BULLETIN OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SOCIETY OF JAPAN, 2011 (in Japanese)
"Commercialization of fieldwork: business transformation to service industry at Fujitsu" Yoshikazu Maegawa, Yasuo Sugiyama, Keiko Yamaki, Kang Sungsook, MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 42(4) 21-36, 2009 (in Japanese)
"J-L Puzzle Theory" Hakuto Shobo, 2013 (in Japanese)
"The 1st Step of Service Management" Sekigakusha, 2010 (in Japanese)
"The Frontiers of Japanese Creative Services" Nihonhyouronsha, 2014 (in Japanese)
I worked for a consumer electronics company in digital device development until the spring of 2008. What I was in charge of was the business promotion through networking with service providers rather than engineering work. Recently, I have been thinking about research in overall innovation, which includes tourism and long-standing businesses. I would be very happy if I can make some kind of contribution in these areas. Let’s work and study together.
【GSM Administration】
Committee Member, Committee for Endowed Chairs and Collaborative Research
Committee Member, Administrative Committee, Center for Research in Business Administration
Activity Database on Education and Research, Kyoto University