Service and Hospitality program: D2 2018-2019

The Reason Why You Chose GSM


Before coming to GSM I had been working as a professional meeting planner for 15 years, and realized that the management of international meetings will be more complex and dynamic in future, therefore I decided to study again in business school. The main reason why I chose GSM-KU was the strong brand of Kyoto University, which offers affordable national university tuition rates.

What is the attractiveness of GSM?

“International tribe with great diversity.” I always enjoy the discussion with classmates and friends from different ages and backgrounds at GSM-KU.

The Visions of Your Future

My future prospect after obtaining doctorate is to be a faculty in destination management and marketing, as I believe it will be my strong advantage to have both Ph.D. and solid industry background.

Your Recommended Subjects

“MICE Global internship program”
This is a program I am arranging for MBA students, to have work experience in the successful MICE destinations. In 2018 we sent students to Taipei and Paris, and now discussing with more destinations worldwide.

Schedule of Your Day

5:00 Start a day by reading a manuscript from top journals
8:30 Arrive the office
19:30 Back home
23:00 Go to bed

Schedule of Your Week

Weekdays: Working on research and consulting at MICE research institute.
Weekends: Working on my own PhD research, and visiting Kyoto University once a month for a meeting with professor.
Often travel overseas for research project and to attend international meetings.

Message for Applicants


It is very important to have a clear picture when you start MBA or PhD course, because there will be 100 pathways for 100 students. Good luck!