Noriyoshi OKADA

Class of 2021, Project Operations Management Program / Double Degree Program National Taiwan University

The Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated

The Reason Why You Chose GSM

Noriyoshi OKADA

While working for a company, I was sceptical about the decisions made in the KKD model (Keiken=experience, Kan=intuition, and Dokyo=courage). I was often confused by the opaque and unobjective nature of judgments, and this led me to want to study MBA that I had been interested in for some time. I chose the business school of Kyoto University because it has a Project Operations Management Program that is directly linked to my work; this program features a fusion of humanities/science backgrounds that is rarely seen at other universities; if I could pass the selection within GSM, I might be able to participate in the double degree program with National Taiwan University.

What You Learned at GSM

Noriyoshi OKADA

Working at a company I couldn't get a top-level view of the entire company because I was busy doing just the work in front of me. Being able to systematically learn a wide range of management knowledge at GSM, I became conscious of the management's perspective. I was also able to learn approach methods that could provide objective and transparent information with as little bias as possible. Also, since I was supposed to select an accounting program in the double degree program with National Taiwan University, I intensively studied and strengthened myself in accounting subjects at GSM before studying abroad. In addition to the learning in the Project Operations Management Program, I was able add accounting to my arsenal.

The Reason Why You Chose Your Career Plan

Having experience in the environment/energy business, I found it rewarding to work for solving environmental/energy problems that have a high degree of social contribution. I wanted to continue working in this field, and I wanted to learn something that was directly related to my work, so I performed research in the environmental accounting field at GSM WS. The reasons why I finally decided to work at Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. are: I would be involved in the environment and energy business, of course; my study at GSM has been highly evaluated; the department I would be assigned to works with Greater China. I wanted to make use of my experience of studying abroad at National Taiwan University.

What Impressed You About GSM

Noriyoshi OKADA

The trend of the world toward the realization of a decarbonization society is accelerating, and the momentum for the realization of a decarbonization society is increasing in all organizations in Japan as well. With a desire to deal with the latest topics and conduct research on topics related to work, WS has set a research theme of "Corporate Initiatives for CO2 Emission Reduction and Corporate Values." Focusing on the initiatives for CO2 emission reduction, which are an important factor in corporate environmental performance, we empirically examined the impact of the corporate initiatives for CO2 emission reduction on corporate values. With the generous guidance of Professor Ejiri, who is my supervisor at WS, I was able to win the Excellence Award at the final presentation. Another thing that remains in my impression was my participating in a double degree program with National Taiwan University. At National Taiwan University, there is a GMBA program in English and an accounting program in Chinese, so I chose the accounting program. As the only foreign student among the local Taiwanese students, I completed the accounting program in Chinese and was able to obtain degrees from Kyoto University and National Taiwan University.

Extracurricular Activities You Have Done

As an office assistant, I was involved in the research and promotion course (at JOHNAN) of the Kyoto Valley for Manufacturing and Innovation concept. I engaged in work related to entrepreneur development that aimed to establish an entrepreneurship research center.
One of the characteristics of GSM is that the percentage of international students is as high as 47%, and it has a rich international flavor. As a tutor for international students studying at GSM, I planned sightseeing in Uji and Fushimi, barbecue in Yumeshima, Osaka, and a cherry blossom viewing party in Kyoto to promote exchanges between Japanese and international students.
In terms of study abroad, in addition to the double degree program with National Taiwan University, I also participated in the Summer Program of Chinese University of Hong Kong and Spring Program of Zhejiang University. The Zhejiang University program was held online in March of the final year. I received the Excellent Student Award, which was a good way to conclude my graduate student life.

Message for Prospective Students

Noriyoshi OKADA

In a world where the value of Japanese MBAs is being debated, attention is focused on how Japanese MBA holders will contribute to society. Currently, that evaluation has not necessarily been established yet. Therefore, I think the role you will play as a GSM graduate is very important. Also to open up your future pathways after graduation, I would like you to learn at GSM deeply, richly, and inspiringly. Find something that is unique to you and that is different from others and focus on it. We are often asked if learning at GSM is worth it. To answer this question, I think it's up to you to decide if it's worth it, and how you spend your time at GSM get important here. I would like you to enrol with the enthusiasm of becoming a role model as an MBA holder from Kyoto University.