Award July 14, 2021

July 7, 2021 The paper co-authored by Associate Professor Keiji Murakami received the “Global Business Journal Award” from the Society of Global Business.

The paper co-authored by GSM Associate Professor Keiji Murakami, titled “Long-term optimization of mining dynamic portfolio” with Professor Kiyoshi Kobayashi and Associate Professor Shunsuke Segi (Kobe University) received the 1st Global Business Journal Award from the Society of Global Business. The certificate of commendation and the prize were presented to Prof. Murakami at the award ceremony on July 7, 2021.

Ceremony of Global Business Journal Award

Reason for the award:
“The authors have developed a long-term optimization model that controlled business risk by forming a portfolio of multiple mineral resources and mines to level profits and cash flows for the mining business of trading and investment companies. Furthermore, the reliability of the developed model is shown by the fact that the model calculation is carried out based on concrete examples of mine trading transactions and the result close to the actual condition of the mining business is obtained. Although there are many evaluation models, this research, which constructed a long-term optimization model of a mine portfolio for trading and investment companies as a business company, is highly novel and useful. This paper has brought new developments in research related to portfolio management, and is evaluated as worthy for the Global Business Journal Award. “

Reference(Society of Global Business HP)