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International symposium on sustainable energy and finance

Date:March 21, 2023 Tuesday 11:00 〜 19:30

Place:Hybrid Meeting

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While international conferences such as COP and G7 have focused on climate change countermeasures and proposed a roadmap toward Carbon neutrality by 2050, radical international institutional reforms in international finance and energy markets are progressing, led by European countries. In this context, the Asian region, with its unique natural, social, and cultural environmental climate, is facing an urgent need to consider a basic institutional framework for sustainable energy and finance that is suited to the realities of each Asian country. This international symposium, organized by Graduate school of Management – Kyoto University, Faculty of Management – University of Indonesia, and the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia: ERIA (located in Jakarta), an international organization, will focus mainly on policy makers in the Indonesian government and experts from Japan and ASEAN countries. The symposium will discuss sustainable energy and finance policies in Asia, mainly with policy makers from the Government of Indonesia and experts from Japan and ASEAN countries. This symposium is part of the Asia Business Leader Project (ABL) of the Graduate School of Business Administration, and international participation is invited through the network of researchers from Asian countries participating in the ABL.

Asia Business Leader Project

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Anyone who is interested in “Sustainable Finance” and “Energy issues” in Asia


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Professor Tadashi YAMADA
Professor Yosuke HIGO
Distinguished Professor Kiyoshi KOBAYASHI

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