Information Jul 7, 2022

May 18, 2022 Best Teacher Award 2021

The Graduate School of Management established the Best Teacher Award since 2009 in order to confer an honor on the faculty member who provided the highest quality course in the year. Similarly, two winners are selected for the Best Teacher Award among from the part-time teachers apart from the above.

Professor Asli M. Colpan and Professor Takashi Mitachi are awarded the 13th Best Teacher Award. Besides, Part-time Lecturer Takehiro Matsumoto and Part-time Lecturer Hideki Kakinuma are also awarded the Best Teacher Award.

Left: Professor Asli M. Colpan (Best Teacher Award Winner)
Right: Prof. Sawabe (Dean, Graduate School of Management)
Left: Professor Takashi Mitachi (Best Teacher Award Winner)

Left: Part-time Lecturer Takehiro Matsumoto
(Best Teacher Award Winner)
Part-time Lecturer Hideki Kakinuma
(Best Teacher Award Winner)

【Successive Best Teacher Award Winner】
AY 2009/Assoc. Prof. Takashi Hikino, Assoc. Prof. Asli M Colpan 
AY 2010/Assoc. Prof. William Baber, Assoc. Prof. Seiji Nozawa
AY 2011/Prof. Yasuo Sugiyama, Prof. Katsuji Ishihara
AY 2012/Assoc. Prof. Takashi Hikino, Assoc. Prof. Yoshiaki Kubota
AY 2013/Assoc. Prof. William Baber, Assoc. Prof. Yoshikazu Maegawa
AY 2014/Prof. Chihiro Suematsu, Prof. Yasuyuki Kato
AY 2015/Prof. Yasuo Sugiyama, Prof. Makoto Usui
AY 2016/Prof. Nobuyuki Isagawa, Assoc. Prof. Yutaka Yamauchi
AY 2017/Visiting Prof. Ant Bozkaya, Assoc. Prof. Yoshikazu Maegawa
AY 2018/Prof. Yasunaga Wakabayashi, Assoc. Prof. William Baber
AY 2019/Prof. Gautam Ray, Prof. Yasuo Sugiyama, Adjunct Prof. Shigeru Matsumoto, Visiting Lecturer Michele Griessmair
AY 2020/Prof. Naoki Wakabayashi, Prof. Tadao Kikuchi, Adjunct Prof. Makoto Usui, Part-time Lecturer Katsuhiro Sato