Executive Education

Kyoto Creative Assemblage


Nurture the power to create a new world view

Kyoto Creative Assemblage aims to train professionals who can present new world views and carve out a new era.
Currently, the frameworks and value systems that form the basis of society, such as late-stage capitalism, are beginning to crumble.
As a result, value creation by mere problem-solving and meeting needs using conventional frameworks is no longer realistic. That may satisfy people temporarily, but it cannot shake or move them.
To pioneer a new era and create considerable value, a fresh "world view" is required—one that allows people to take that step forward into a new society, even if it entails a sense of tension and discomfort.
The creativity to create a new world view is by no means a superpower limited to a select few. It begins with sensing subtle shifts in society and making small changes to address them.
Kyoto Creative Assemblage aims to nurture the power to create a new world view by exposing students to the humanities perspective that takes a close look at society, speculative design that redefines the everyday through the creation and experience of a different reality, and through art practices that suspend existing frameworks and avoid easy conclusions.


Kyoto Creative Assemblage is a creativity development program for working professionals. This 6-month curriculum brings together lecturers from three universities in Kyoto leading in the fields of humanities and sociology, design, and art, as well as practitioners active in the front lines of the creative industry, to help students analyze society and obtain unique approaches towards expressing the new era. We welcome participants who actively seek ways to carve out the future of society.